2017 Pairings

  • Greek Week 2017 Team Pairings.


    This year, teams will be given names of different locations on UCLA's campus.  

    The color of the team shirts will be revealed when you receive your shirts for Greek Week, to avoid confusion of last-minute team color changes due to shirt color availability.


    Make sure to like your team's Instagram post by following: @uclagreekweek !!!



    Team Pauley   Team Royce   Team Young
    Beta Theta Pi - IFC   Sigma Nu - IFC   Sigma Pi - IFC
    Kappa Alpha Theta - NPC   Kappa Kappa Gamma - NPC   Alpha Gamma Delta - NPC
    Gamma Rho Lambda - MIGC   Alpha Gamma Omega - IFC   Theta Chi - IFC
    Alpha Epsilon Omega - MIGC   Theta Delta Chi - IFC   Phi Kappa Sigma - IFC
    Lambda Theta Alpha - LGC   Sigma Delta Sigma - MIGC   Sigma Alpha Mu - IFC
        Nu Alpha Kappa - LGC   Lambda Theta Nu - LGC
        Gamma Zeta Alpha - LGC   Sigma Lambda Gamma - LGC
    Team Bunche   Team Murphy   Team Powell
    Zeta Beta Tau - IFC   Alpha Epsilon Pi - IFC   Pi Kappa Phi - IFC
    Delta Gamma - NPC   Phi Delta Theta - IFC   Chi Omega - NPC
    Delta Sigma Theta - NPHC   Delta Delta Delta - NPC   Phi Beta Sigma - NPHC
    Sigma Pi Beta - MIGC   Phi Kappa Psi - IFC   Sigma Alpha Zeta - MIGC
    Kappa Psi Epsilon - MIGC   Triangle - IFC   Delta Lambda Phi - MIGC
    Lambda Theta Phi - LGC   Chi Delta Theta - MIGC   Beta Delta Alpha - LGC
        Phi Lambda Rho - LGC    
    Team Drake   Team Ackerman   Team Dodd
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon - IFC   Sigma Phi Epsilon - IFC   Sigma Chi - IFC
    Gamma Phi Beta - NPC   Alpha Phi - NPC   Pi Beta Phi- NPC
    Zeta Phi Rho- MIGC   Alpha Delta Chi - NPC   Sigma Gamma Rho - NPHC
    Omega Sigma Tau - AGC   Zeta Phi Beta - NPHC   Epsilon Alpha Sigma - MIGC
        Chi Alpha Delta - AGC   Alpha Phi Alpha - NPHC
    Team Moore   Team Kerckhoff   Team Franz
    Theta Xi - IFC   Delta Tau Delta - IFC   Lambda Chi Alpha - IFC
    Alpha Delta Pi - NPC   Kappa Sigma - IFC   Alpha Chi Omega - NPC
    Delta Sigma Phi - IFC   Kappa Delta- NPC   Sigma Pi Sigma Psi - MIGC
    Alpha Kappa Alpha - NPHC   Phi Sigma Rho - NPC   Alpha Gamma Alpha - MIGC
        Sigma Lambda Rho - LGC  

    Theta Kappa Phi - AGC


    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi - MIGC